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Service Agreement

Airport Reservations
When a customer requests transportation, including but not limited to airport arrival or departure, city to city transportation, city tour service or point to point service, reservations are not official unless confirmed by customer 1 to 24 hours prior to pick up.  Customers making reservations should base departure time on normal driving conditions. Customers may be subject to an earlier pick-up due to inclement weather.

Airport Departure
Pick-up may take place from any location going to the airport of your choice. Drivers are only permitted to handle luggage to and/or from public places. Customers more than 10 minutes late will be subjected to an immediate cancellation or extra charge. Customers may be subject to an earlier pick-up due to inclement weather conditions. Airport Transportation and/or customer reserve the right to cancel a reservation. Customers will be notified a minimum of an hour in advance of an early pick-up.  If the customer chooses to cancel a prepaid order he/she will receive a full refund.

Airport Arrival
When requesting transportation from any airport to a specific drop off location, the person(s) using this service must provide the following information at time of reservation: arrival time, name of airline, flight number, departure city, passengers first and last name, phone number and number of persons in party. Once flight has landed, customer has one hour to contact your local provider at our toll free number of 1-800-655-5811.  Transportation will arrive within 15 minutes. Customers that do not call once the plane has landed will be considered a no show and will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

Late Orders
After the reservation has been scheduled and confirmed, customer will be expected to keep the agreement. If however, customer cannot make scheduled arrangement, but would still like transportation, there will be an additional charge of $5.00 per 10 minutes after scheduled departure time. If the customer is not at fault for late departures, there will either be no charge, or an additional fee of no more than $35.00.

Cancellations/No Shows
When picking up customers from any location going to the airport of choice, customers more than 10 minutes late will be subjected to an immediate cancellation or extra charge All cancellations should be made at least one hour prior to a scheduled airport departure or arrival or any other service being used. There will be no charge to customers cancelling one hour prior to cancellation. Cancellations are only considered valid if communicated by email and/or customerís voice recorded communication at (216) 321-3000 or 1-800-655-5811.  Should collections be necessary customer will be invoiced and responsible for the full amount of the fare and any associated fees involved in the collection of the debt.

Credit Card Holders
Airport Transportation happily accepts all major credit cards. When using this service, customer must make the reservation online and print the receipt with the Paypal insignia available to give to the driver.  All credits, refunds and discrepancies must first be made to Airport Transportation, LLC by email request with an explanation of each incident prior to contacting the credit card and/or bank issuer. If not, the customer is subjected to a $15.00 processing fee.

Lost/Damaged Items
Airport Transportation, LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for items that are lost, damaged or left in vehicles.  Airport will assist in the handling of luggage however drivers will not be responsible for any damage to luggage while being placed in or outside of the vehicle.

Vehicle Damage/Cleaning
Customer will be responsible for any physical damage to the vehicle and unnecessary cleaning caused by the customer. Should collection become necessary customer will pay for all fees and associated costs.

Privacy Statement
Any and all information provided to Airport Transportation, LLC, Airport or any information given to those affiliated with Airport Transportation, is for the sole purpose of reservation for transportation to or from destination of customerís choice.

To Our Valued Customers
While Airport Transportation Service, LLC will make every attempt to fill orders as agreed, we make no guarantees. We will however, make every possible attempt to satisfy the customer or make reasonable resolutions whenever possible. To receive the full benefits of the agreement that Airport Transportation offers, such as state requirement of Livery Insurance and a flat rate service, please contact the following numbers for service or additional information: 216-321-3000 or 1-800-655-5811. Airport Transportation will not be held responsible for any services rendered to those who do not call us directly at the numbers given above.